About Us

AssistCare at Home has over 25 years of experience serving seniors in our Senior communities. We are excited to now be able to provide the same exceptional care to you in your home.

Mission Statement

AssistCare, our at Home goal is to aide in maintaining  a warm, caring, safe environment where you are comfortable and have the ability to stay in your home, as long as possible.


To develop a service plan based on the clients identified needs and to outline each task/activity to be performed by the home care aide (HCA).


AssistCare at home, provides non-medical home care services based on a comprehensive needs assessment by the Supervisor  in collaboration with and or by the responsible party to develop a service plan best suited for client’s needs.


  1. AssistCare at home, supervisor will initially interview the client at the client’s home during the initial evaluation visit.
  2. The evaluation details the services needed.
  3. The type of services AssistCare at home provides to the client are what the client requests.
  4. AssistCare at home will present the service plan to the client based on what the client requests including the duration of service, how many days a week, whether the services will be delivered in the morning, afternoons or at nights.
  5. A copy of the service plan shall be left in the home for the provision of services.
  6. Copies of the service plan shall be submitted to the Sr. Ex. Director

for review. After the review by the Sr. Ex. Director, the supervisor will then file the client service plan in the client’s record at the office.

  • Assist Care at homes, HCA will then start providing services as requested by the client at client’s residence.


  1. Service Plan
  2. Service Agreement
  3. Progress note form